A Celebration of the New Forest Pony

Breed Show 2009, Large Open Ridden mares & geldings
Breed Show 2009, Large Open Ridden Mares & Geldings. L-R: Farriers True Print, Willoway Patience, Willoway Glistening Gold, Moorcorner Minstrel II & Bowfield Asterix


The New Forest pony is arguably the best all-round performance pony in the world. is intended to become a permanent record of the notable achievements of New Forest ponies.

There are so many websites which contain useful and important information, but from time to time they are redesigned and all of the historical records become lost to the public. As a newcomer to the breed, I have collected as much information as I can and am very grateful for the help received from members of the Forest Chat forum, but I do really need more help from both the New Forest pony community and all those who have a wider interest in our wonderful British native ponies.

So I am building the website with what I have, starting with showing but I know that our ponies are capable of many more diverse activities and I'd like to cover them all. However, there are many gaps which need to be filled, but I know that someone somewhere can fill those gaps! It will take time but we'll get there eventually, hopefully before I get too old to continue...

If you have any information for me, please use the forum link in the top menu bar, or the facebook page by clicking on the first facebook icon below.