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Beaulieu Road Sales - Catalogues & Reports

new covered sales ring

The sales yard at Beaulieu Road is the main outlet for New Forest Commoners to sell their ponies, although many are sold privately of course.  Sales are run at various times during the year, but mostly in the autumn in order to sell the foals which have come in on the annual drifts.  The sales are organised by the New Forest Livestock Society and run by Southern Counties Auctioneers.  For further information about the pony sales and the Beaulieu Road Sales Yard, visit www.nfls.org.uk.  Catalogues are available on here and on the auctioneer's website about a week before each sale, and the sales report about a week after the sale.

Click or tap on the word 'catalogue' or 'report' in the tables below to see the relevant document.

N.B. All 2020 sales are on a Thursday
May 28th
September 24th
October 29th   & foal show
December 3rd
May 30thcataloguereport
September 26thcataloguereport
October 31stcataloguereport
foal show catalogue
December 5thcataloguereport
May 30thcataloguereport
youngstock show catalogue 
September 26thcataloguereport
October 24thcataloguereport
foal show catalogue
December 6thcataloguereport
May 31stcataloguereport
youngstock show catalogue 
September 27thcataloguereport
October 25thcataloguereport
foal show catalogue
December 7thcataloguereport
June 1stcataloguereport
youngstock show catalogue 
September 28thcataloguereport
October 26thcataloguereport
foal show catalogue
May 27thcataloguereport
youngstock show catalogue
September 16thcataloguereport
October 21stcataloguereport
foal show catalogue
November 25thcataloguereport
May 8thcataloguereport
September 18thCANCELLED
October 22ndCANCELLED
November 27thcataloguereport
foal show catalogue
May 2ndcataloguereport
September 19thcataloguereport
October 23rdcataloguereport
November 28thcataloguereport
May 3rdcataloguereport
August 16thcataloguereport
September 20thcataloguereport
October 24thcataloguereport
November 29thcataloguereport
May 5thcataloguereport
August 11thcataloguereport
September 15thcataloguereport
October 20thcataloguereport
November 24thcatalogue
May 6thcataloguereport
August 12thcataloguereport
September 23rdcataloguereport
October 21stcataloguereport
November 25thcataloguereport
May 7thcatalogue
August 13thcatalogue
September 3rdcatalogue
October 1stcatalogue
October 29thcatalogue
November 26thcatalogue
May 1stcatalogue
August 14thcatalogue
September 4thcatalogue
September 25thcatalogue
October 23rdcatalogue
November 27thcatalogue
May 4thcatalogue
September 21stcatalogue
October 19thcatalogue
N.B. There were more than three sales in 2006 but these were the only catalogues that I could find.
I couldn't find any for 2007.